Installation Systems

The Sprinkler Magic installation systems vary from one particular need to another. Whether it’s a simple sprinkler system or a more complex one, our team of experts has it all under control. Sprinkler Magic also provides french drains, surface drains, channel drains and catch basins – a full installation systems portfolio that we’re proud with.

Catch Basins

We can deliver easy to maintain catch basins and our team can provide you with the exact size and volume you need. Catch basins can be the last resort if drainage systems can’t handle the amount of water. As simple as it is, it’s a very safe solution that can stop the force of nature from damaging your property.

Channel Drains

Sprinkler Magic can also provide you with channel drains for your home. Our team of experts will include these systems into your home by using discrete materials and pieces. These in turn will give you maximum functionality and minimum impact on your home’s design and feel. Contact one of our specialists to see how you can add functionality to your home.

French Drains

Such systems are easy to install and very cheap to run, so if you are in need of a french drain give us a call and we’ll take care of everything. French drains are used across the world as the best solution for drainage systems and they provide a reliable mean of keeping your garden healthy.

Sump Pumps

Sprinkler Magic has been delivering water system repairs, including the use of sump pumps for more than 20 years. As we encountered many drainage problems we learned it takes patience, experience and a good team of repair experts to deliver the best services and gain the trust and respect from our customers.

Surface Drains

Surface drains are the oldest form of drainage in the world. They worked for thousands of years and are still a viable option for customers around the world. Surface drains are very reliable, easy to modify and can add an aesthetic value to your property. Sprinkler Magic has a team of specialists who can design proper surface systems for your home or property.

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