Sprinkler Experts

Sprinkler Magic has the best repair experts and the best sprinkler expertise out there. With over 20 years of proven experience, our repair experts have lived up to our customers’ expectations with high-quality customer service and new ideas for their sprinkler systems [link /sprinklersystems].

Drip Sprinkler Heads

Whether you require new drip sprinkler heads for your garden or potted plants or something more elaborate, Sprinkler Magic will deliver materials and parts of the highest quality. We believe a garden needs to be as good as it can get, therefore it needs the best when it comes to drip sprinkler heads and the appropriate fittings.

Industrial Sprinkler Heads

For more elaborate needs, Sprinkler Magic provides industrial sprinkler heads for any demanding environment. We can also provide you with specialized sprinkler design and installation systems [link /installationsystems], as well as professional servicing and repairs. If your needs require a more customized solution, then our team is ready to help you with a plan.

Multi-Drip Systems

Bigger gardens need multi-drip systems for increased productivity and an overall healthy plant condition. Sprinkler Magic has the technical capacity to install such systems and customize them according to your needs. Multi-Drip Systems are also very good at saving time, money and especially water, reducing your overall maintenance costs.

PVC Pipes

PVC pipes are strong, flexible and cheap to mount. They have been used for years to deliver the results you want without breaking the bank. Sprinkler Magic has been using them from day one and they have proved to be reliable. Their function spreads across a lot of domains, yet they remain the favorites of sprinkler experts around the world.

Sprinkler Wiring Hubs

Sprinkler Magic uses sprinkler wiring hubs and daisy hubs for its designs and installations. However customers can ask for a more suitable design, according to their specifications and needs. Both solutions offer reliability, flexibility and help you save water and keep a healthy garden or lawn in check.

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