Sprinkler Repair

Making sure your sprinkler system is without fault is essential for a hassle-free irrigation of your lawn. Sprinkler Magic delivers fast and reliable sprinkle repair services, as well as a top notch maintenance program that will suit your every need. With over 20 years of expertise and proven reliability, Sprinkler Magic aims at continuing its spotless services and high-quality sprinkler systems repairs.

Automatic Sprinklers

One of the reasons sprinkler systems fail is their limited technology. New generation sprinklers are the perfect choice for every residential or commercial clients, as they provide the best reliability, economy and functionality. Sprinkler Magic can deliver such systems by repairing your old sprinkler pipes and adding modern timers and fittings. Moreover Sprinkler Magic provides a full irrigation design for your needs.

Gardening Service

The perfect gardening service is now at hand through Sprinkler Magic’s high-quality irrigation designs. Our sprinkler experts will introduce you to the best drip systems and services. You have the option between choosing different designs, sprinkler pipes, irrigation methods, lawn services and automatic systems. The whole system is easy to built, cost effective and it can be suited to your needs. Sprinkler Magic is also giving you the opportunity to choose from the best sprinkler parts brands for you system.

Irrigation Design

We quickly realized every residential and commercial customer is going to need its own irrigation design. That is why Sprinkler Magic provides you the option to choose the design of your sprinkler system or design it along with our specialists. With over 20 years of expertise we have the experience to deliver irrigation systems customized according to everybody’s taste, need or financial possibilities.

Irrigation Methods

Delivering the best irrigation method can be quite challenging, but Sprinkler Magic has the tools and the proven expertise to bring you the best systems into your home or company. The most common method

is going fully automatic, but you can fully customize your system by talking to one of our sprinkler specialists. This way you can be sure you’re saving water, time and money by using Sprinkler Magic’s resources.

Lawn Service

Sprinkler Magic cares about the aesthetics of your lawn. Making sure your lawn is healthy and watered is what we’ve been doing for over 20 years. This is why Sprinkler Magic the best lawn service out there, including the design, the installation and servicing. Your lawn should be the welcome mat for your friends or corporate partners. Make sure you keep it that way by giving us a call!

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